«The teacher's digital competence for the improvement and transformation of classroom practices»




Isabel Mª Solano Fernández


Since the DeSeCo project defined the key competences for the 21st century citizen almost fifteen years ago, much has had to evolve and rethink higher education in order to offer an adequate competence-centred education. Starting from a concept of competence understood as the mobilization of knowledge, skills, abilities and capacities applied and validated in specific contexts of action, we understand that evaluation is an intrinsic part of the same concept of competence. Therefore, in this presentation we address the concept of Digital Teaching Competence, contemplating some of the approaches that have characterized it, and reflecting on the potential of evaluation models, from perspectives based on the self-perception of competence, to approaches more focused on certification with evidence oriented to collect evidence and, therefore, not based on self-perception. In the characterization of its dimensions, we will go deeper into how these are manifested in the specific contexts of action, in this educational case, emphasizing the methodological value of the innovations, and not in the technological, even assuming that the presence of technology is an intrinsic element of the Digital Teaching Competence. 



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Author's Biography

Isabel Mª Solano Fernández  

Isabel M. Solano Fernández is Doctor in Pedagogy from the University of Murcia. Senior Lecturer of Educational Technology and currently the Head of the Department of Didactics and School Organisation at the aforementioned university. Member of the Research Group Educational Technology (GITE). Among her research lines, the following stand out: Multimedia audiovisual resources in the context of formal and non-formal education, Early Childhood Education in contexts enriched with technologies, Research Methodology in Educational Technology and methodological strategies in contexts of formal and non-formal education. She has participated in National and International Research projects related to the implementation of ICT in Society and Schools, which has allowed her to publish in journals and books of impact related to Educational Technology


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