«Serious games as a learning method: how to move from vision to evidence»




Virginia Vázquez Vázquez 


eConfidence H2020: a project to develop serious games for the schools context involving social science researchers, game developers and schools in this process. Serious games –that is, games with an educational purpose– can be an important learning method provided they have a sound underlying pedagogical design. They have become popular in schools and have been shown to support knowledge acquisition as well as bring about behavioural, perceptual and cognitive change. We will look together at how serious games have a positive impact in behavioural changes, how they can be used in learning and teaching environments as a positive resource for young people, teachers and parents, and what innovative methodologies can be applied to develop serious games for the educational context.



Author's Biography

Virginia Vázquez Vázquez

Virginia has a bachelor's degree in elementary education. Her career began as a pedagogical specialist in digital education having participated in different projects of social learning, learning based on games, RA, 3D environments, design of learning objects and teaching methodologies. Great knowledge of digital creation tools, virtual tutoring and delivery of programs in digital skills.


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