«The challenge of innovating in massive university classrooms»




Óscar Jerez Yáñez 


In recent decades, talking about innovation in university teaching has become a recurring theme within the institutions themselves. However, what is innovation? Why should we innovate? How can we innovate in the larger classes? Which are the effects and impacts of authentic educational innovation? Can we innovate from the routine or just disruptively? Or how can be evaluated the effects and impacts of an innovation? During his presentation, the researcher will talk about the available evidence and the experiences of teachers and students, proposing models and actions that are feasible to tackle in the daily life of university training contexts. 



14_12_2018 Seminario eMadrid sobre «Tendencias en tecnología educativa» / UC3M from eMadrid net on Vimeo.

Author's Biography

Óscar Jerez Yáñez


Óscar Jerez Yañez holds a PhD in Psychology and Education, a master's degree in Education, a mention in Educational Informatics, a bachelor's degree in Philosophy and a bachelor's degree in Education and Psychology. Advisor and consultant in several universities and higher education institutions in Chile, Latin America, Europe and Africa. Author of books, articles and research articulated around higher education, especially in: innovation, curriculum development and teaching; teaching and learning centers and in quality management and assurance. He is currently a consultant of LASPAU affiliated with Harvard University, for the support programs for universities in Latin America; associate researcher of the Center for Advanced Research in Education (CIAE) of the University of Chile; member of the advisory committee of institutional accreditation and accrediting peer of the National Accreditation Commission (CNA); director/founder of the Teaching and Learning Center of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Chile.

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