«The role of conversational agents in the digital transformation of higher education»




Pedro M. Ruiz


Digital Transformation is one of the hot topics in the higher education sector. Digital societies are leaned toward the adoption of personalized services on-demand, anytime and anywhere. Emergent technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics or Internet of Things (IoT) facilitate the creation of new disruptive companies in diverse sectors. Higher Education is also one of those which can be strongly disrupted. In this talk, we will discuss digital transformation strategies for higher education and we will analyze the use case of deploying a student orientation chatbot in the University of Murcia. 



Author's Biography

Pedro M. Ruiz


Pedro M. Ruiz started working in IT at RedIRIS, the spanish national research network 20 years ago. Right after that, he joined University Carlos III of Madrid as assistant profesor, and later he moved on to lead the research department of Agora Systems S.A. He has held post-doctoral positions as visiting researcher in UC-Berkeley, research associate in UC Santa Cruz and visiting research fellow in King’s College London. Since he joined Univ. of Murcia within the «Ramón y Cajal» reincorporation program, he has held different teaching and research positions in the area of Telematics Eng. He’s been the dean of the CS Faculty for the last 6 years until he has recently joined the Management Board of the University of Murcia as CIO and vice-chancellor for the Digital Transformation.

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