«Learning analytics in mass experimentation environments»




Sergio Martín Gutiérrez 


This paper explores the analysis of student activities in mass experimentation environments. Specifically, the speaker will analyze how to automatically perform the evaluation of the activity of remote practices of analog electronics in the remote laboratory VISIR. 



Author's Biography

Sergio Martín Gutiérrez

Associate professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Control of the School of Industrial Engineering at UNED in 2010. He holds a degree in Computer Science Engineering, in the field of Distributed Applications and Systems, at UC3M (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid). Technical Engineer in Computer Science, Specialized Systems, by UPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid). He has been teaching subjects related to digital electronics and microelectronics since 2007. And he has participated in research projects related to mobility and environmental intelligence, location and wireless networks, as well as in projects related to e-learning, remote and virtual laboratories and new technologies applied to teaching, since 2002. He has also published more than a hundred articles in national and international journals and conferences, winning in 2009 the award for best article in the Fourth International Multi-Conference on Computing in the Global Information Technology, and in 2007 the Jean Peperstraete award for best article in the International Conference on Innovation in Education in Electrical and Information Engineering. He is a member of the IEEE, the board of directors of the Spanish IEEE Education Society and the Spanish Technology Management Council of the IEEE, as well as the technical committee of several international conferences and technical reviewer of numerous international conferences and journals.


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