«Experiences from two hybrid postgraduate degrees using MOOCs. Unbundling higher education with internationalization»




Héctor R. Amado Salvatierra


This work presents a thought-provoking experience to unbundle higher education through the preparation of hybrid postgraduate degrees. The hybrid degree is based on a MOOC full-path specialization and the traditional face-to-face instruction. In the proposed configuration, one of the institutions (host) transforms or creates a postgraduate degree that will be composed of a full-path MOOC specialization, provided by an external institution (visiting). For this configuration it is encouraged to have a memorandum of understanding or agreement between the institutions, but it is not imperative. This work presents two experiences prepared in the context of the edX MicroMasters, sharing best practices and lessons learned.



Author's Biography

Héctor R. Amado Salvatierra 

Héctor R. Amado Salvatierra is Ph.D. and Computer Sciences Engineer. Currently, he is part of the GES Department at Galileo University, Guatemala. He is involved in international projects related to e-learning and accessibility, among the projects are the following: ACAI-LA, MOOC-Maker, ESVI-AL and IDEAL-IST. His current research focuses on accessibility in e-learning, MOOCs and curriculum development methodologies.


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