«Coding, robotics and computational thinking in the classroom. Spanish situation»




Jesús Moreno León


This talk will emphasize the most relevant points of the report «Coding, robotics and computational thinking in the classroom. Spanish situation, January 2018», which describes how these skills are currently taught in our country, focusing on the normative situation of educational administrations, but without forgetting other unofficial initiatives developed from school, university, business or civil society. The central government, twelve regional administrations, companies, educational institutions and other innovative organizations have collaborated in its elaboration.



Author’s biography

Jesús Moreno León 

More than a decade as a professor of Computer Science and four years combining the direction of «Programamos» with his work as a researcher at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC). Jesús Moreno Léon has recently joined INTEF, a National Institute of Educational and Teacher Training Technologies, to promote the development of computational thinking through coding in all school stages.


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