«COOL Lab: a teaching-learning Lab for STEM education»




Barbara Sabitzer


The COOL Lab is an active teaching, learning and research space for researchers, teachers, students and pupils, which mainly aims at fostering digital competences and computational thinking as well as other «21st century skills» like problem solving, creativity or text comprehension across all subjects. It further aims at promoting young talents in STEM, developing cross-curricular teaching material and interweaving pre-service and in-service teacher education with research and teaching practice. The presentation gives an overview of the COOL Lab, the teaching concept behind it as well as some sample activities. 




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Barbara Sabitzer


Barbara Sabitzer is professor for Instructional Technology at the Department of STEM Education at Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria. She gives lectures (didactics, educational psychology) at the University College of Teacher Education in Carinthia, too, is author of schoolbooks for several languages and was teacher (informatics, foreign languages) in a vocational high school. Her research interests range from informatics didactics and neurodidactics over technology-enhanced learning to cross-curricular teaching with a special focus on computational thinking in general education and language learning.

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