X eMadrid Workshop on «E-learning in the new normal» // September, 23rd and 24th

The eMadrid Workshop is celebrating its 10th edition at a time marked by the coronavirus pandemic, which has made educational technology take on special importance. For this reason, this year, the title is "E-Learning in the new normal" and it will be marked by this issue, which worries and interests all of society. The event will take place on September 23 and 24 online, through the BlackBoard Collaborate platform. As always, the eMadrid Network Workshop (a project that brings together researchers from UC3M, UAM, UCM, UPM, UNED and URJC) will be free and open to the general public upon registration (here).

  • Topics that we will talk about: during the crisis caused by COVID-19, E-learning is showing its importance and its relevance, even becoming essential. Now is the time to ask ourselves what your role will be in the so-called "new normal". The different presentations and round tables of the X eMadrid Workshop will revolve around this issue.
  • Who is interested in attending: all those who, whether or not they come from the educational sector, are convinced of the need to understand their profound digital transformation, especially in these times.
  • Read on for the currently confirmed guests ...

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Baltasar Fernández-Manjón receives the Most Cited Paper Award at EDUCON

{Madrid, May 18, 2020} The researcher of the eMadrid network, Baltasar Fernández-Manjón, professor at UCM and director of the e-UCM research group, is to be congratulated. IEEE EDUCON 2020 has decided to award him, along with Javier Torrente, Ángel del Blanco, Eugenio J. Marchiori, Pablo Moreno-Ger with the Most Cited Paper Award. A recognition they receive, specifically, for "Introducing educational games in the learning process", which was presented at EDUCON2010.

The award-winning article addresses
the barriers that are limiting the integration of games in the learning process and propose approaches to tackle them. The result of this work is the <e-Adventure> platform, an educational game authoring tool that aims to make of video games just another educational tool at the disposal of the instructors.

Call for the eMadrid 2020 Awards


eMadrid Excellence Network, dedicated to the research and development of educational technologies in the Comunidad de Madrid and financed by the regional administration, as part of the call for R&D programs in IT 2018, launches a new edition of eMadrid Awards. The following three categories have been enabled:

  • Best Final Degree Project
  • Best Master's Thesis
  • Best PhD Thesis

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LWMOOCS 2020 Call For Papers is open now: the countdown begins

LWMOOCS 2020 Call For Papers is open until next 15th of March. This year, Learning With Moocs will take place in Antigua, Guatemala, from 30th September to 2nd October. The main theme of the congress is «The 4th Industrial Revolution: Challenges and Opportunities». In 2019, Milwaukee was chosen as location after Madrid, whree LWMOOCS was held in 2018.

The eMadrid network is going to participate, once again, in this international meeting. Manuel Castro (Full Professor at UNED and IEEE Fellow) is the Chair of the Steering Committee. Also, Carlos Delgado Kloos (eMadrid coordinator and Full Professor at UC3M) will be part of this group. Moreover, Castro and Edmundo Tovar are co-organizers, along with their universities, of this event. Another eMadrid members are participating: Sergio Martín (UNED) and Pedro J. Muñoz Merino (UC3M) have a seat on the Program Committee.


  •  More information about LWMOOCS 2020, here
  • More information about deadlines and topics, here


This IEEE conference provides academic and industry professionals the opportunity to discuss research into MOOC technologies as well as the practical aspects of creating and offering MOOCs to diverse worldwide audiences.

EDUCON 2020: a commitment to a multicultural and smart world


The eMadrid network will be, once again, part of EDUCON (IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference). This year, it will take place on 27, 28, 29 and 30 of April ONLINE, due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Last year, the conference was held in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). The guiding thread of EDUCON 2020 will be «Engineering Education for the Future in a Multicultural and Smart World». Manuel Castro (Full Professor at UNED and IEEE Fellow) and Edmundo Tovar (Professor at UPM) are members of the Steering Committee. Moreover, Carlos Delgado Kloos (Full Professor at UC3M and eMadrid network coordinator) and Sergio Martín (Professor at UNED) have a seat on the Scientific Committee.


EDUCON has become an unmissable event for professors, researchers and other professionals. We are talking about a fórum, sponsored by IEEE Education Society, which is considered the  the largest reference in education in the IEEE 8 Region (Europe, Middle East and North Africa). For many people, its the perfect place for collaboration and Exchange of ideas on engineering teaching and learning around the world.


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Premios eMadrid 2020


Imagen: Manuel Castro (derecha), de la UNED, recoge su premio

{ Madrid, 9 Diciembre 2019 } Los investigadores de la red eMadrid, Manuel Castro, catedrático y director de Departamento en la UNED, y Félix García Loro, investigador en la UNED, han sido distinguidos con dos de los premios que entrega de forma anual la Sociedad de Educación del IEEE: el premio William E. Sayle para Manuel Castro, por los logros en Educación, y el premio al Liderazgo Estudiantil para Félix García Loro.

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eMadrid Workshop on Smart Education within UCAmI 2019: 13th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence

{ Madrid, October 3, 2019 } The eMadrid network will offer a workshop within the next UCAml (13th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence), a congress related to the main research area of this group, educational technologies, scheduled from 2 to 5 December 2019 in the city of Toledo (Spain).

The eMadrid Workshop will be held on December 2 and will be focused on the concept of «smart education».

  • Where: Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Auditorio de la Facultad de Ciencias Jurídicas y Sociales (calle San Pedro Mártir, 1)
  • Programme:

ο 16.00 - 16.10 / Workshop introduction.

ο  16.10 - 17.00 / Keynote talk: «Smarter learning in the future»Rob Koper. Open Universiteit in the Netherlands (OUNL).

ο  17.00 - 17.20 / «The potential of Open Data to automatically create learning resources for smart learning environments»A. Ruiz Calleja, M.L. Bote Lorenzo, G. Vega Gorgojo, S. Serrano Iglesias. Universidad de Valladolid.

ο  17.20 - 18.00 / Coffe Break.

ο  18.00 - 18.20 / «On the identification of several key issues on OER Discovery for Smart Learning Environments». P. Molins, F. Jurado, P. Rodríguez. Universidad Autónoma.

ο  18.20 - 18.40 / «Smart Education: a review and future research directions». A. Carruana Martín, C. Alario Hoyos, C. Delgado Kloos. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

ο  18.40 - 19.00 / «The PRISMA: a visual feedback display for learning scenarios». B. Tabuenca, L. Wu, E.Tovar. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

ο  19.00 - 19.20 / «Prof. Watson: A pedagogic conversational agent to teach programming in Primary Education». P. Yeves Martínez, D. Pérez-Marín. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. 

ο  20.00 / Reception.

  • For general information about the Conference, click here

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eMadrid special session at SIMO EDUCATION 2019 on «Apps and tools to innovate in the classroom»


{ Madrid, 22th of October, 2019 } The eMadrid network will participate for the fourth year in SIMO EDUCATION, a technological leading event for teachers and other professionals in this sector, scheduled from 5 to 7 November at IFEMA (Feria de Madrid). eMadrid special session will focus on «Apps and tools to innovate in the classroom», with inputs and specific examples of the studies developed by the members of this network dedicated to the research on educational technologies.

If you are interested in these session, please join us the 5th of november, from 11.30 am to 12.30 pm, in the Orange Room (Sala Naranda, 6A21) of pavilion 6

The speakers who will make the presentations (available later on emadridnet.org) are as follows:

  • Cristina Alonso, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM): «Promoting gender equility with Serious Games».
  • Miguel Rodríguez Artacho y Pedro Plaza, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED): «STEM education and online testing: challenges and strategies».
  • María Zapata, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC): «Teaching and assessment of Computational Thinking in Primary School through a Collaborative Video Game».
  • Bernardo Tabuenca, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM): «Feedback with environmental displays in learning scenarios».

You can get your free pass on this link if you register online until November 4 (included).

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2019 Open Education Award for Excellence for Carlos Delgado Kloos, eMadrid coordinator


Imagen: Carlos Delgado Kloos, during the last eMadrid Workshop

{ Madrid, September 15, 2019 } The Practitioner Award was given to Carlos Delgado Kloos, professor and vice president for Strategy and Digital Education at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M). The Open Education Awards for Excellence provide annual recognition to outstanding contributions in the Open Education (OE) community, recognizing exemplary leaders, open educational resources and Open Projects & Initiatives. In this edition, 2019, have also been honoured Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams, with the Leadership Award, and Dirk Ulijn and Bart Meeuwissen, with the Student Award

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Call for papers for the eMadrid Workshop on Smart Education in next UCAml (2-5 December, Toledo)

{ Madrid, July 15, 2019 } The eMadrid network will offer a workshop within the next UCAml (13th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence), a congress related to the main research area of this group, educational technologies, scheduled from 2 to 5 December 2019 in the city of Toledo (Spain). The eMadrid Workshop will be held on December 2 and will be focused on the concept of «smart education». The eMadrid network has opened a «call for papers» for this occasion: candidates can send their proposals (on the topics announced) until 9 September 2019

  • Learn more about eMadrid Workshop on Smart Education
  • For general information, click here
  • For specific questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Meet the winners of the eMadrid 2019 Awards

The eMadrid network, within the framework of the call for R&D Programmes in Technologies 2018, has selected the winners of the eMadrid Awards 2019, all of them authors of works whose theme is totally or partially related to research or development of educational technologies. We would like to thank all the candidates who have participated in this edition for their efforts and highlight the quality of the works presented. 

Keep on reading to find out who are the winners in each category

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IX eMadrid Worshop on «Educational technology with a human touch» / 26-27 June, 2019

«Educational technology with a human touch». The IX eMadrid Workshop, scheduled 26-27 June 2019 at the Campus de Puerta de Toledo of the UC3M, will focus on this topic. The program of this consolidated event, which includes the participation of leading experts from both the academic and business worlds, highlights with this idea one of the main challenges of the educational sector in all its stages: the impact of the newest technology in the classroom. The eMadrid Network (a collaboration project between the universities UC3M, UAM, UCM, UPM, UNED and URJC) will be free of charge and open to the general public, as in previous editions. Please note that registration is required to attend.

  • Topics we will discuss: machine learning, augmented and mixed reality, learning analytics, voice search, serious games, OERs (Open Educational Resources)...
  • Who might be interested in attending: those who, whether they come from the education sector or not, need to understand its digital transformation.
  • Keep on reading to know the experts already confirmed.   

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Call for paper for LASI Spain 2019 in Vigo June 27-28

{ Madrid, May 9, 2019 } The call for papers of LASI Spain 2019 (Learning Analytics Summer Institute) invites researchers across the globe to submit original research and work in progress that further contributes to advances in the field. The deadline for submitting works to this eighth edition will remain open until 19 May. The event, an outstanding meeting point for researchers from all over the world in the field of learning analytics in higher education, will be held in the city of Vigo on 27 and 28 June 2019. The University of Vigo organizes this event with the collaboration of SNOLA (Spanish Network of Learning Analytics) and TELGalicia. Members of the eMadrid network are also involved in the organization of LASI Spain 2019. 

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The researchers of the eMadrid network, awarded at EDUCON 2019

{ Madrid, May 4, 2019 } It's a great pleasure for us to share with our followers the awards received during the last IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON 2019), organized between 9 and 11 of April in Dubai. Both the eMadrid network team that participated in this leading congress, as well as some of the network researchers, have been distinguished for the quality of the works presented in the following categories:

  • Best Paper Awards 

1. Infrastructure and Technologies for Engineering Education area: "What can you do with educational technology that is getting more human?", by Carlos Delgado Kloos, Carlos Alario Hoyos, Pedro J. Muñoz Merino, María Blanca Ibáñez, Iria Estévez Ayres y Raquel M. Crespo García (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain)

2. Virtual and Remote Labs (V&RL) in Engineering Education area: "Implementation of an arduino remote laboratory with Raspberry Pi", by Atilano Fernández Pacheco, Sergio Martin Gutiérrez y Manuel Castro (UNED, Spanish University for Distance Education, Spain)

  • Best Student Paper Award

1. "Promoting computational thinking skills in Primary School students to improve learning of geometry", by Leovy Echeverría, Ruth Cobos, Mario Morales, Fernando Moreno y Víctor Negrete (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain)  

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Call for papers! for the VI Learning with MOOCS Conference


{ Madrid, 29 apr. 2019 } If you would like to attend the next Learning with MOOCS Conference as a speaker, have a look at the call for papers, open until 1 May 2019. The sixth edition of this international event (second under the IEEE Education Society organization) will be held in October 2019 in Milwaukee, USA. «Enhancing Workforce Diversity and Inclusion» is the main theme of the LWMOOCS 2019 Conference. As we reported, Madrid hosted this conference last year (for the first time outside the United States), with the special collaboration of eMadrid, who organized this seminar: «MOOCs as part of the future of digital learning»

We're looking forward to receive your abstracts!  

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Call for the eMadrid 2019 Awards

eMadrid Excellence Network, dedicated to the research and development of educational technologies in the Comunidad de Madrid and financed by the regional administration, as part of the call for R&D programs in IT 2018, launches a new edition of eMadrid Awards. The following three categories have been enabled

  • Best Final Degree Project
  • Best Master's Thesis 
  • Best PhD Thesis 

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