«The role of the different elements of the classroom motivational climate in students' learning process»




Juan Antonio Huertas Martínez


Since Ames introduced the concept of motivational climate in the classroom (Ames, 1992), researchers have gathered evidence on "sets" of teaching patterns that influence students' motivation to learn (Meece, Anderman & Anderman, 2006) . The classroom climate models that have had the most relevance in the last 20 years are those that take into account the different aspects of teaching design, organization and development that affect the interest in learning. The research group that participated with Professor Jesus Alonso Tapia has been generating evaluation instruments for a long time and verifying the incidence of these elements on motivation and learning in different educational stages. We will briefly present the results of these works and the different analyzes that have been carried out.

One of the most relevant elements of the motivational climate today has to do with the way in which teachers give feedback to their students. We will also highlight in our presentation how that feed-back should be and the evidence that supports it.



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Author's Biography

Juan Antonio Huertas Martínez

Dr. Juan Antonio Huertas, Professor in the Department of Basic Psychology at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid since 1991. He has been lead investigator of 8 competitive research projects and has participated in 10 others as a member of the research team. He has directed 11 doctoral theses and 28 thesis, Advanced Studies Diplomas and many other works. Currently he has 121 publications -11 books, 64 articles, 47 book chapters and 2 scientific documents. He has investigated topics related to emotional regulation, basic processes in people with disabilities, the History of Psychology in Spain and in the sociocultural context and, above all, motivation, self-regulation and the classroom climate. He has presented more than 60 communications in congresses and has given more than 50 training workshops to university and previous level teachers. He has received the 2nd (1987) and 3rd (1990) INSERSO National Research and Technical Aid Award. He is an Honorary Member of the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid.

He has held different university management positions at the UAM in the last 19 years. He has been director of the Department of Basic Psychology (1996-2000), vice-dean of the Faculty of Psychology (2000-2006); Dean of that Faculty (2006-2009); vice-rector for undergraduate studies at the UAM (2009-2017); Vice-Rector for Academic Coordination (2017-2019). He is currently vice-rector for teaching, educational innovation and quality.


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