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UNED Open Courses: Innovation methodological, organizational and technological
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Friday, 30 April 2010




Salvador Ros (UNED)


In September 2006, the UNED signed a collaboration agreement between the UNED and the Santander Group which is launching the Portal UNED-OWC (Open Course Ware) aimed at transferring knowledge to the Company via the Internet. In early 2007, establishing the Directorate of Advanced Technology by the Center for Innovation and Technological Development, CINDETEC, making clear the Office OCW University's bid for the materials in open.

At the same time I was attached UNED officially OCW Consortium. OpenCourseWare (OCW) and the March 21, 2007 is carried out UNED Portal Presentation OCW with their first courses.

From its genesis this project has not only limited to their foundational nature but has also provided a platform for innovative projects both methodologically and technically. To carry out its mission has been necessary to create an integrated service within the Directorate of Educational Technologies in support of teachers for the implementation of projects to be published in this portal.

In this paper we present the structure as the UNED has implemented to support the University community and encourage the development of materials in open and some of the initiatives that are being developed to provide a more formative dimension portal to open courses the same.

Author Biography

Salvador Ros holds a BS in Physics from the UCM and College Professor in the Department of Communication and Control Systems of UNED. He was director of advanced technologies between 2004 and 2010 UNED and manager of the unit's academic virtualization UNED responsible for the standardized production of digital content. He is currently a member of the Network of Excellence eMadrid.




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